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coffee_fix's Journal

Daisytux icons
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This is the personal graphic community for daisytux. I will be posting icons, headers, collages, backgrounds and other types of graphic media (depending on what I decide to mess around with). Feel free to watch the community, post comments, and snag any of my graphics. You will not be added back, so please don't ask. If you would like to befriend me personally, comment on my account's friends page over here.

1. Rude behavior will not be tolerated. Constructive critisism and being rude are two very different things.
2. You must credit me for any icons you use. Also, if you would like to use any icons, you must watch the community!
3. Hot linking is not good. So don't do it.
4. Spamming will not be tolerated. Under any condition
5. When you watch this community, it gives you the abbility to comment in the entries & use the icons. You can not post your own entries here. If you would like to advertise your own personal LJ community, then message me & I will add you to the affiliates.

Want to be listed here as an affiliate? Well, just swing over to here and comment.

Profile Layout Credit||Community Layout Credit